Let the wise kids do the Job!


I shape apps specific to your ideas, whether in entertainment or business fronts. I take your idea and apply my experience in order to reach your project's objectives. My mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone. 




Development isn’t just about writing code. The very first step in developing a perfect app is figuring out its architecture. 





Some of My Works

Note: Some of the links may not be working, not maintained anymore or ended as it served its purpose


Mobile Games


Personal Project � Spellcaster (under development with source code)


            for iOS: Spellcaster.ipa

for Android : Spellcaster.apk

Company Portfolio � The Coach (under development using Corona SDK/LUA)




Flash, Facebook and Desktop Games


Building and Construction Authority Singapore

o    http://apps.facebook.com/greendefenders/

Building and Construction Authority Singapore

o    http://apps.facebook.com/greengobblers/

Building and Construction Authority Singapore

o    http://apps.facebook.com/ecoexploration/

Balloon Journey(face book game)-

o    http://www.poddcorp.com/wp-content/gallery/flash-files/balloon-j/balloonPreloader.swf

National Geographic � Traveler � Italy �

o    http://games.nationalgeographic.com/game.htm?code=118137850&lc=en&channel=110399910


o    http://www.logikmedia.com/SpotTheDifference/GameLoader.html

National Geographic �Contraband

o    http://www.bigfishgames.com/download-games/8314/explorer-contraband-mystery/index.html

Planet Venus - Venus Williams

o    http://www.bigfishgames.com/download-games/9340/venus-the-case-of-the-grand-slam-queen/index.html

Traveler Shop Wishbonetechnology( having some issues on their server)

o   http://apps.facebook.com/african-adventurer

o    http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=113063478730402





    Xpress Monitoring System

o    http://xpress2.alphaview.net

o    psw: vip, username: vip





Seletar Park Residence � HTML5.

       url: http://www.seletarparkresidence.com

Sing Investment � HTML5 .

       url: http://www.sif.com.sg

Trivelis Residences - Flash

       url: http://www.trivelis.com.sg

Miltonia Residences - Flash

       url: http://www.miltonia-residences.com.sg

Saab Singapore Website � Flash/CMS

       url: http://www.saab.com.sg

Eurokars group of Companies Website � Flash/CMS

       url: http://www.eurokars.com.sg

       url: http://www.eurokarsleasing.com

Evan Lim

       url: http://www.evanlim.com/demo_site

EL Development

       url: http://www.eldev.com.sg/


Create and design Interactive Learning Center website including the contents

       url: http://ilc.upmin.edu.ph

Create and design the template and the format of the contents of ILC e-classroom using Moodle

       url: http://ilc.upmin.edu.ph/eclassroom



Flash Banners

Developed google standard flash banners for Teracent (now bought by Google)

Developed flite capable application banners for Global-Fusion


Flash Interactive Multimedia:

Create and design 3 Learning Objects (2006-2007 projects mostly Actionscript 2.0)


What's the Problem? - url: http://ilc.upmin.edu.ph/images/stories/LOs/whats.swf

Transitions Through Time - url:  http://ilc.upmin.edu.ph/images/stories/LOs/ttags.swf

Tenses in English Language - url: http://ilc.upmin.edu.ph/images/stories/LOs/tense.swf

Discovering the Unwritten Past � http://ilc.upmin.edu.ph/images/stories/LOs/DP4.swf

Enny Meeny Minny Moe � http://ilc.upmin.edu.ph/images/stories/LOs/emmm/emmm.swf

A 10th Century Philippine Document �http://ilc.upmin.edu.ph/images/stories/LOs/A10CPD/A10CPD.swf

Presentation for Freshmen 2007 - http://ilc.upmin.edu.ph/images/stories/orientation/Orientation2007.swf

A cause to pause - http://ilc.upmin.edu.ph/images/stories/AC2P/ac2p.swf

Freshmen Presentation - http://ilc.upmin.edu.ph/images/stories/orientation/Orientation2007.swf




Turista - made travel easy, find nearest restaurants bus stops and hotels. Explore people and places near you!

Find nearby restaurants, hotels and bus stop in just a top of your finger. Check out the people and places in your location



Artechat - Take out the artist in you. Using 3D and 2D effects to make conversation with friends lively!


Bubblejet- Have fun by collecting your favorite bubbles :D :D

Upcoming Project


Chordtrick - Chords made easy


ChatterBot - Trainable chat bot, using Dialogflow by google to enable Natural Language be embeded to a Artificial Intelegence chat bot. Currently it was trained to give the current weather in some cities and able to converse and response from simple questions.